Tom Baker

Author of Haunted Indianapolis , Indiana Ghost Folklore, Scary Urban Legends, Midwest Maniacs, Midwest UFOs and Beyond, Scary Urban Legends, 50 Famous Fables and Folk Tales Notorious Crimes of the Upper Midwest : 

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A Benevolent Psychopathology
8 days ago
I recently had the dubious "pleasure" of listening to an audio of the novel Crash by the late J.G. Ballard, the New Wave science fiction author who turned, in the latter half of his career, to a close...
Attack of the Jellied Whatsits
2 months ago
Alien encounters are pretty boring these days. Usually, they involve big-headed, black-eyed "Greys" coming into your bedroom, swooping down on your vehicle, or, in some other way, plucking you out of your normal, waking life, to throw your luckless butt into the saucer (or triangle, or indistinct sort-of flying lightship), and giving you a medical exam. These UFO astronauts always look the same, talk the same (they actually seem to speak telepathically, not with their tiny slit-like mouths), and...
The Hopping Hartford City Horrors
2 months ago
There are moments in life when we turn the corner, round the bend, and find ourselves in an old episode of the Twilight Zone. Happened to me a few times. Yeah. One night, I saw a UFO. A real UFO. Clos...
The Hopkinsville Devils
3 months ago
The Fifties were a time when, quite possibly, we were more under invasion by strange little men (and tall blonde ones, too) than at any other period of our damnable history. They came in many, many sh...
The Quick and Dirty Method for Becoming a Psychic Reader
5 months ago
Anyone can become a psychic reader. There are numerous phone services that can be applied to work for as a consultant or representative. You can give readings on the Net, out of your home or even by e...