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Dr. Lecter Returns: Is Anthony Hopkins The Real Villain Of Westworld?
5 hours ago
Everything began to short-circuit and the curtain started to fall in the fourth episode of #Westworld, "Dissonance Theory," as a surprising new menace reared its head. Beyond the fact of "Oh my God, i...
Dolores's 'Grave' Mistake: Unravelling Religion In 'Westworld'
a day ago
HBO's robo-romp #Westworld continued to mystify in its fourth episode and it looks like the ghosts of the past could be about to rear their heads for our sentient hosts. The park itself has been used ...
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall: 10 Shows To Fill Your Black Mirror Void!
a day ago
Mr. Brooker, you have done it again — from Bryce Dallas Howard's pastel pinks, to the electro soundtrack of San Junipero, and the grim horror of haunted house VR, #BlackMirror departs for a third time...
Here Come The Men In Black: Westworld's Time Time Travel Theory Is A Mindblower!
2 days ago
Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Episode 3 'The Stray' ahead! With Westworld theories coming thick and fast, it looks like HBO's all-star Western is becoming more like an episode of Sherlock than your ...
'Bravest Warriors' Is What Happens If You Cross 'Rick And Morty' With 'Adventure Time'
3 days ago
Adults, watching cartoons, pfft, what sorcery is this! We all do it, so don't pretend like you don't. However — if you like to feel like a grown-up — on the more "adult" end of the spectrum is Dan Har...
Star Whores: Padmé Theory Makes Star Wars Prequels Watchable Again!
3 days ago
They say in Hollywood that three's a crowd, but do the same rules apply in space? George Lucas's Star Wars prequels may live in the shadow of their predecessors, but a new love triangle theory makes t...