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Luke Bi-Walker: Laura Dern's Holdo Revealed As First LGBT Star Wars Movie Character
2 years ago
In a galaxy far, far a gay, could the winds of change be coming to Star Wars? We may have already seen the likes of Billy Dee Williams and John Boyega represent the black community, while Daisy Ridley...
Back To Black (Mirror): Will Charlie Brooker Write A 'San Junipero' Sequel For 'Black Mirror'?
2 years ago
When you think of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, you hardly think of romance and rainbows, do you? That being said, there was one episode in Netflix's revamped Season 3 that threw the substantial ins...
Mmmm, Anthology Movie We Must: Yoda And Boba Fett Spin-Offs Are Coming To Star Wars
2 years ago
Whip out your lightsabers and fire up the hype machine, because Star Wars is preparing target its Death Star laser at the box office takings yet again. That galaxy far, far away is certainly getting b...
These Are Not The Spoilers You Are Looking For: Rian Johnson Actually Revealed Who The Last Jedi Is
2 years ago
Practice your best wookiee growl and whip out those lightsabers, because we are edging ever closer to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The hotly anticipated sci-fi spectacle is sure to take over the box offi...
A Whole 'World' Of Pain: 'Westworld' Season 2 Promises A Huge Bloodbath
2 years ago
Saddle up for a round in O.K. Corral, because Westworld Season 2 is sticking on its spurs for another trip to the violent delights of HBO's robotic romp. Given the way in which Season 1 rounded off wi...
Well That Just 'Hux': 'The Last Jedi' Villain Reveals Why He Isn't in The Movie's Marketing
2 years ago
While the opening crawl prepares to take us to that galaxy far, far away once more, fans are whipping out their lightsabers in anticipation of Rian Johnson's upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. An all-...