Tom Szostak

Creative Writer that is taking control of his life. 

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The Judgement Bell (Chapter IV)
a year ago
LOST AND FOUND Sheriff Hayes was driving home at the end of his shift. It was about six in the morning. He had been working almost non-stop since the last search team ceased action in finding Deputy C...
The Judgement Bell (Chapter III)
a year ago
CHAPTER III UNEXPECTED GIFTS The entire Department at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University was called in for a 2:00 AM delivery of the Brandt Foundation Book Donation. Ther...
The Judgement Bell (Chapter II)
a year ago
CHAPTER II THE COLLECTOR Alastair Brandt was known in the academic world as one of the top scholars to translate and authenticate rare and ancient texts. He had procured several rare first editions ov...
The Judgement Bell (Chapter I)
a year ago
CHAPTER I UNEVENTFUL NIGHT Sargent, TX is a quiet town on the Gulf of Mexico where most of the residents are local and make a living off the weekend and holiday crowds of the boating and fishing enthu...
The Judgement Bell
a year ago
FOREWORD IT’S BEEN A WHILE No one really noticed the man in black walking up Nob Hill Road. San Francisco is home to so many outrageous personalities that this man would fit right in. He was tall with...