Tony Martello

Tony Martello writes to transform the reader in under five minutes. He creates allegorical stories and poems that are designed to brighten up your day. He is a family man and surfer who loves to tell stories. He appreciates your tips!

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Where Springs Spew Blue
10 months ago
Where Springs Spew Blue PART I After swimming and surfing from sea to sea on his one thousand year quest for love, Proteus sends a request to Poseidon for help on his journey. “Neptune, I have surfed ...
Green Springs
10 months ago
I always wonder if cavemen and women knew what time was? And if so, did time seem to accelerate and decelerate to them, as it appears to do to us today? The concept of time has only changed recently (...
Blue Beak
10 months ago
When Pat grew up, he worked his way out of the glades to the gulf by feeding on a variety of fish and vegetation but seemed to have the most luck with bluegill and blueberries along the waterways and ...
Islay's Vision
a year ago
Mountains blanketed in gold sleep soundly near the undefined line of the nine gatekeepers of Lucia, capturing any sea-wolfs daring upon the land. These wayfarers end up as prey caught in the nets of m...
The Seeds of Emery
a year ago
The Seeds of Emery Her mother hikes along the Greenback Ridge in the Emerald Forest. She scales the trail through the black lava rocks on the top of the mountain. The jagged boulders emit a radiant gr...