K.E. Lanning

Author of speculative science fiction, scientist, energy geek, and art lover. www.kelanning.com, @kelanningauthor, https://www.facebook.com/KELanning1/ https://www.instagram.com/kelanningauthor/

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Review of Adam Roberts’ 'The History of Science Fiction'
3 months ago
I’m a long-time fan of science fiction. I love the genre in its ability to expand the reader’s mind into the ‘what-if.’ I ran across a review Adam Roberts had published on Margaret Atwood, while I was...
In the Author's Universe: Interview with Sci-Fi Author Andy Weir
7 months ago
Andy Weir rose to fame with the publishing and subsequent film production of his debut novel, The Martian, published in 2011, but, as his dedicated fan base knows, his writing career began much earlie...
Speculative Fiction
8 months ago
As in any advent of a new species, the birth of the science fiction genre led to an evolution of novels ranging from Thomas More’s Utopia to Andy Weir's THE MARTIAN. However, when a genre becomes so d...
The Sci-Fi Writer's World
a year ago
Science is defined as the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. [courtesy of Wikipedia] Whereas fiction is defined as lit...
In the Author’s Universe: Interview with Sci-Fi Author Cixin Liu
a year ago
Liu Cixin [writing in English under the name, Cixin Liu] is a science fiction writer from China; a nine-time winner of the Chinese Galaxy Award (Chinese Hugo) and the Xing Yun Award (Chinese Nebula), ...
In the Author’s Universe: Interview with Author Margaret Atwood
a year ago
Margaret Atwood is a poet, a novelist, and an inventor. She was born in Ottawa, Canada in 1939 to Margaret (maiden name Killam), a nutritionist and to Carl Atwood, an entomologist. With her father’s r...