K.E. Lanning

Author of speculative science fiction, scientist, energy geek, and art lover. www.kelanning.com, @kelanningauthor, https://www.facebook.com/KELanning1/ https://www.instagram.com/kelanningauthor/

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Review of Author Cixin Liu's 'Supernova Era'
8 days ago
Cixin Liu’s latest work, Supernova Era (launching this October & published by Tor Books), begins with a terrifying event—eight light-years from Earth, a dying star explodes into a supernova. Undetecte...
Cli-Fi Meets Biopunk?
5 months ago
Author Paolo Bacigalupi’s debut novel, The Windup Girl [published in 2009 by Night Shades Books], celebrates its 10th anniversary this fall. Critically acclaimed, it was named one of the top 10 fictio...
Review of Claire Vaye Watkins’ Novel, 'Gold Fame Citrus'
9 months ago
No matter how you slice and dice author Claire Vaye Watkins, she is an important new voice in literature. Watkins was born in 1984 in Bishop, California to her dynamic mother, Martha Watkins, and her ...
Review of Mary Doria Russell’s 'The Sparrow' Series - the 20th Anniversary
10 months ago
Author Mary Doria Russell was born in Elmhurst, Illinois, into a military family, her father a drill instructor in the Marines and her mother a nurse in the Navy. Raised a Catholic, she left the churc...
Review of Naomi Alderman's 'The Power'
a year ago
Never one to be pigeon-holed, Naomi Alderman is a British novelist, game writer, and radio host. Her debut novel, Disobedience, published in 2006, immerses the reader into an Orthodox Jewish community...
Review of Adam Roberts’ 'The History of Science Fiction'
a year ago
I’m a long-time fan of science fiction. I love the genre in its ability to expand the reader’s mind into the ‘what-if.’ I ran across a review Adam Roberts had published on Margaret Atwood, while I was...