Lewis Jefferies

I'm a Creative Writing student at the University of Portsmouth, who is a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who!

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The Valeyard To Make An Epic 'Doctor Who' Comeback This Christmas
9 months ago
A brand new and sparkling episode of Doctor Who is just around the corner now, meaning one thing - The departure of Peter Capaldi and the welcoming of Jodie Whittaker. This year's Christmas Special wi...
Everything You Need To Know Regarding Season 11 of 'Doctor Who'
9 months ago
Following Doctor Who's exciting comeback this year with Season 10, fans now wait patiently for the eleventh season of the hit sci-fi show. Season 10 of #DoctorWho had quite a bit in store; 13 episodes...
Water Has Been Found On Mars Causing 'Doctor Who' Fans To Go Crazy!
9 months ago
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has proven that water on Mars actually exists. An maging spectrometer on MRO, researchers detected signatures of hydrated minerals on slopes where mysterious s...
NASA Names Pluto Craters After Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who
9 months ago
Pluto was downgraded from a Planet to a Dwarf Planet in 2005. Pluto's surface has always been unknown. But not now. On the 14th July 2015, New Horizons spacecraft was the first to get detailed and acc...
Steven Moffat Awarded OBE For Services To Drama! - Benedict Cumberbatch Joins Him Too!
9 months ago
Doctor Who and Sherlock Head writer, Steven Moffat, is to receive an OBE for his service to Drama TV Shows as part of the Queens Birthday Honours. “I never thought I would get something like this. I’m...
Steven Moffat To Write Series 10 Of Doctor Who
9 months ago
According to a Wales Article, Steven Moffat has signed up for another yes another Series of Doctor Who. Steven Moffat took over as HeadWritier in 2010. He took over from Russell T Davies. Moffat has w...