Lewis Jefferies

I'm a Creative Writing student at the University of Portsmouth, who is a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who!

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Is the Doctor a Superhero?
10 months ago
You see all these Superheroes whizzing round the streets, skies and seas saving innocent people from the bad guys. But the Doctor does this too, he saves innocent people from Daleks, Cybermen ETC. Sur...
Half Face Man: Pushed? Or Jumped? Or even Tripped?
10 months ago
Doctor Who Series 8 went off with a flying start. Peter Capaldi debuted in his first episode called "Deep Breath". Deep Breath saw the return of the Clockwork Robots and the Paternoster Gang. The Cloc...
When Doctor Who's TARDIS Went For A Run!
10 months ago
You know you're a Whovian when you run the London Marathon dressed as the TARDIS. Instead of the TARDIS flying around in space and saving the world. It decided to go for a morning run round London. Th...
4 Years On. Where Are The Main Cast Of The Sarah Jane Adventures Today?
10 months ago
The Sarah Jane Adventures ran from 2007-2011. The Spin Off show of Doctor Who has 5 Series in total and is written by Russell T Davies. Series 5 of the show was incomplete due to the sudden death of E...
Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Hidden Easter Eggs!
10 months ago
Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Special "The Day of the Doctor" had loads of hidden Easter Eggs left for viewers to find. How many did you spot. I'm now going to show you a selected number of Easter Egg...
First Robin Hood. Now the VIKINGS!
10 months ago
Hang On I Recognise That Place! Does this scenery look familiar? Cast your mind back to Series 8 of Doctor Who. Episode 3 in fact. Yes we last saw this scene in the Episode "Robot of Sherwood". Now th...