Lewis Jefferies

I'm a Creative Writing student at the University of Portsmouth, who is a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who!

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Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Hidden Easter Eggs!
4 months ago
Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Special "The Day of the Doctor" had loads of hidden Easter Eggs left for viewers to find. How many did you spot. I'm now going to show you a selected number of Easter Egg...
First Robin Hood. Now the VIKINGS!
4 months ago
Hang On I Recognise That Place! Does this scenery look familiar? Cast your mind back to Series 8 of Doctor Who. Episode 3 in fact. Yes we last saw this scene in the Episode "Robot of Sherwood". Now th...
Doctor Who: Doctor Her?
4 months ago
Well then, the hints are slowly dropping that the next incarnation of the Doctor could well be a female. Yes FEMALE. In the Series 8 Finale we saw something new and different brought to [Doctor Who](s...
Is It Time For Wholock To Come To Our Screens?
4 months ago
Is it time for Wholock to reach our screens? For those of you that don't know what Wholock is, it is a Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes cross-over Episode/Minisode. Fans want it to happen as both shows ...
'Listen' Peter Capaldi Has Signed On For Doctor Who Series 9 And 10!
4 months ago
With his epic Series 8 all done and dusted and what a Series it was. Capaldi has signed on for a further 2 Series! Peter Capaldi has his current Companion with him 'Clara Oswald' (Jenna Coleman). Alth...
Doctor Who Season 8 Finale, "Death in Heaven"!
4 months ago
As Series 8 came to a conclusion it didn't do it normally. It did it in the best way possible. Steven Moffat had planned this out really well. As Missy revealed her identity in "Dark Water" as The Mas...