Lewis Jefferies

I'm a Creative Writing student at the University of Portsmouth, who is a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who!

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Doctor Who's Christopher Eccleston Shows He's Still Sarcastic as Ever by Commenting on the Thirteenth Doctor's Casting
5 months ago
Ever since Peter Capaldi tragically announced his departure from BBC's Doctor Who, fans were speculating on social media for months and months as to who they want to see replace Capaldi for Season 11....
'Doctor Who': There's a Rose Tyler Spin-Off Show that Never Made It to TV
5 months ago
In the long-running BBC television series, Doctor Who, the Doctor is well-known for travelling through time and space with a number of companions, who accompany the Doctor on his travels. Every Doctor...
Sally Sparrow Almost Had a Grizzly End in 'Doctor Who'
5 months ago
Even though it scared the living daylights out of us all, the Doctor Who story "Blink" still remains a fan favourite episode for many fans. Purely because of its dark plot and the seriously terrifying...
'Doctor Who' Dalek Operator Exterminated For Calling the BBC C**ts In A Coded Message
5 months ago
News has broken that a Doctor Who Dalek operator and writer for the Doctor Who Magazine has been given the sack for coding an offensive message in his column in the latest edition of the popular magaz...
Peter Capaldi's 'Doctor Who' Exit to Be More Emotional than David Tennant's?
5 months ago
We don't like change. Who does? But, when it comes to Doctor Who, we all have to face the biggest change there can possibly be – regeneration. The iconic Time Lord from Gallifrey has the ability to re...
Christopher Eccleston Has Revealed When He Will Return to 'Doctor Who'
5 months ago
When Doctor Who returned with the revived series back in 2005, Christopher Eccleston was the first actor to take on the main lead of the Doctor. Many fans across the world label Eccleston the best Doc...