Lewis Jefferies

Film Industries and Creative Writing student at the University of Portsmouth.

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Chris Chibnall Didn't Want To Write A 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special This Year
a year ago
Since its revival back in 2005, Doctor Who has become well-known for its festive special episodes every year. From spinning Christmas trees to a giant spider; Christmas in the science fiction show alw...
Former 'Doctor Who' Star Isn't That Excited About The BBC Casting A Female Doctor
a year ago
Since Jodie Whittaker was announced as the first female Doctor, replacing Peter Capaldi after his ten-year run on the BBC's hit show, there have no doubt been those who weren't as enthusiastic about t...
'Doctor Who' Series 10 Episode 4 To Be Released Separately With Binaural Sound Feature
a year ago
Doctor Who series 10 is well underway, and fans are going crazy following episode one. With lots of news and spoilers being released before the series started last week, series 10 is set to be one of ...
'Doctor Who' Music Composer, Murray Gold, Reportedly Departing the Show After Nearly 13 Years
a year ago
Doctor Who is a hit show for the BBC, and has gathered a large audience ever since it aired in 1963. But not only does the onscreen action adventure please the audience, the music in the background in...
Has 'Doctor Who' Lost Its Fame?
a year ago
Doctor Who has been a huge hit for the #BBC ever since the show began in 1963. The show started off as a children's serial show, and has now become a family programme, which has been given its prime-t...
John Simm's Incarnation Of the Master Is Set To Have A Huge Role In 'Doctor Who' Series 10
a year ago
John Simm's incarnation of the Master is voted one of the best since Doctor Who began back in 1963. Simm first appeared as the Master in the series 3 finale in 2007, alongside David Tennant as the 10t...