r. nuñez

I am a shamanic priest who loves to write stories, poetry, and songs. Retired, but still helping people, animals, and the planet.

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Two Dreams
a month ago
The original premise for this story was "what if one was dreaming and one got so bored with whatever one was dreaming about that one dozed off in that dream and started dreaming within the dream"… but...
2 months ago
At first, it may seem like just another conspiracy theory, dreamed up by idle and paranoid ne’er-do-wells. But then, we see too much of what looks like evidence, too many publications, too much cover-...
Number 98’s Last Ride
3 months ago
The longer the shadows become in my life, The colder the breeze seems to be. The days roll on by… still I can't quite believe That someone's not waiting for me. ~ Justin Hayward Part 1 Chuck snapped t...
Secured in the Shadows
4 months ago
The 8th Day The man and the woman walk hand in hand through the primeval forest. The larger leaves of the foliage glow as if the light permeating through them is their own, but it is the light of day ...
The First Shaman
5 months ago
of the past I The sensors on the exterior of the Proto I sent a signal into the thinking machine. The thinking machine clicked and hummed, and it shot a stream of light into the receptor of a dormant ...
The Air Apparent
5 months ago
All things sometime must turn into dust, but nothing ever becomes nothingness. Preface to the Modern Era In a time of long ago, the people of the planet used jars for all sorts of things. The very fir...